Mini-Split Air Conditioning and Heating, Mini Split Systems, Mini-Split Installation in Berks, Montgomery, Lancaster, and Chester Counties, and the surrounding areas

Mini splits are immensely popular in both new construction and existing homes. Mini-splits do not require ductwork and are very efficient at providing consistent room comfort for rooms that experience severe environmental exposure such as direct sunlight, harsh wind and more. After installation, mini splits are very energy-efficient, partially due to the fact they do not experience energy losses as systems with ductwork.


Mini Split Installation

The installation possibilities for mini-split systems are much more immense than regular heating and cooling systems. For areas that are nearly impossible or feasible to install ductwork, mini-splits are an ideal solution. Boyd Heating and Cooling, Inc. is a Fujitsu “Elite” Dealer and can offer you the most efficient and reliable systems available. These systems have a wide range of capacities and configurations available. Please give a call or send us a message to get a free estimate and see what options work best for your application. Some of the most common applications for these systems are:

Bedrooms–  For either for sleeping or relaxing, preferred temperatures can be set from different areas of the home. Does it make sense to cool or heat the entire house if you will be spending 8 hours in one room? Also, various members of the household may have different preferences of temperatures that a mini split could accommodate.

Basements – Does your basement have different clothing requirements from the rest of the house? Does your family call it “the dungeon”? Mini-splits can give your family comfort in your extended living space.

Room additions – Running new duct work is not always possible or feasible. Adding a mini split system may also be more affordable than upgrading your current HVAC system to accommodate the extra space.

Rooms with temperature extremes – Do you have a west facing room that is impossible to go into after 2:00 pm? A lovely sunroom that is unusable during the middle of the summer or the middle of the winter and draining the comfort from nearby rooms? Not only make it more usable with mini splits but eliminate the seeping of temperatures from near-by rooms.

Mini-split maintenance and repair

Like all mechanical HVAC systems, mini-split systems require regular maintenance and may on occasion need repaired. Our factory trained technicians are equipped to properly maintain your mini-split system or diagnose needed repairs. Please keep in mind that mini-split systems are computer controlled and may require factory approval for parts ordering and diagnosis, additional repair time may be required. Please give us a call or send us a message to have your system scheduled for maintenance or repair.

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